About Us

Title Floral Therapist

The Floral Therapist (TFT) is a place where all your floral dreams come true. We believe that flowers are one of nature’s most precious gifts,
and believe in their healing powers on you and your loved ones. Our goal is to make sure that everyone is able enjoy the healing energy of nature’s gift.
So at TFT, we provide flowers by the bunches in personalized packaging, guide you on how to arrange your own florals and how to take care of them, and teach you all about the beautiful world of flowers through our workshops.
TFT is about empowering you with the knowledge of flowers so you can always keep your surroundings beautiful.
Some say that smelling a flower makes you fall in love again - and we believe it!

Meet The Team


Mishal Mohamed
Head Florist 


Micheal Comia
Sales Manager


Noel Alcazaren
Event Manager
Senior Florist


Johnson Rodriguez
Logistics Manager


Julie Ambid
Senior Florist


Rommel Pascual
Event Organiser


Richie Belasa
Junior Florist